Archive: Jun 2014

This simple and inexpensive stuffed mushroom appetizer (orektiko) will surely impress your guests at your next dinner party!

I LOVE PASTA! It’s probably one of the most versatile, inexpensive and hearty ways to feed a family. It’s wonderful that there are so many healthy varieties of pasta available today, so that health conscious people are not left feeling guilty about the “refined white stuff” and people with sensitivities to gluten can also enjoy […]

This is a very popular summer casserole dish for Greeks; using as many seasonal garden veggies and herbs that we can get our hands on!  I like to make Gemista year round, especially when  I have vegetables that look like they are beginning to wilt. This a great way to clean out the refrigerator! Gemista […]

Our zucchini plants tend to do really well each summer, producing so many  zucchinis that I end up incorporating them into nearly every dinner for the entire summer! Luckily zucchini is very versatile, so we never seem to get tired of it.  Fried zucchini has been my favourite way to eat zucchini since I was […]

This is probably one of the most loved, simple and quick Greek dishes!  It is often served as a side to grilled meat, fish, Greek village salad and is also eaten on its own. Mizithra cheese is made from the whey in whole goats milk. It can be found in a fresh, soft and slightly […]