Archive: Jul 2014

Sweet, stewed green beans, zucchini and potatoes are the ultimate summer Greek dish!  A good salty piece of feta cheese, olives and crusty bread (for dipping in the sauce) almost always accompany this dish.

Dolmades are fragrant grape leaves stuffed with rice and aromatic herbs and can also include ground beef,  pork or lamb. In this recipe I incorporate ground beef to the filling. Dolmades are usually accompanied by an avgolemono or tomato sauce and can be eaten warm or at room temperature.  Jarred grape leaves are available in […]

KO-LO-KITH-O-KEF-TED-ES. So now that I have you tongue tied, I can have your attention for a moment to encourage you to make these scrumptious fritters!  On a recent trip to Greece  I was given a  great recipe to pass on to you from a dear aunt with a keen sense of Greek cuisine! They have […]