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Diples (Honey Rolls)

January 1, 2015 by Zoe Vlachos - in Dessert

Diples are a delightful, classic Greek dessert, usually made for special occasions.┬áDiples come from the Greek word ‘fold’, which describes the technique used to create the look of this pastry. ┬áThe sweet aroma, the flaky texture and the delicious combination of honey and cinnamon always make this dessert a crowd pleaser at my family functions.

This hearty and tasty traditional Greek bean soup will warm you up on even the coldest of winter days. It is very simple to prepare and is usually served with bread and of course the standard feta cheese and olives.

You will love this moist and nutty Greek vegan cake! It is bursting with flavours of cinnamon, cloves, honey and….brandy! Servings 8-10