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Many feel like cooking octopus at home is an intimidating task, so they forgo the idea altogether. I was that person! I assure you that it’s really quite simple and by following a few easy steps your end result will be delicious, tender and something to feel proud about!  There are several methods that people […]

Melitzanosalata, is a flavourful eggplant appetizer dip, that will surely impress your guests! It tastes incredible, spread atop bread or pita. It’s easy to prepare and  although traditionally this dip is mashed with a fork , you can use a food processor/blender to speed things up even more!

Dolmades are fragrant grape leaves stuffed with rice and aromatic herbs and can also include ground beef,  pork or lamb. In this recipe I incorporate ground beef to the filling. Dolmades are usually accompanied by an avgolemono or tomato sauce and can be eaten warm or at room temperature.  Jarred grape leaves are available in […]

KO-LO-KITH-O-KEF-TED-ES. So now that I have you tongue tied, I can have your attention for a moment to encourage you to make these scrumptious fritters!  On a recent trip to Greece  I was given a  great recipe to pass on to you from a dear aunt with a keen sense of Greek cuisine! They have […]

This simple and inexpensive stuffed mushroom appetizer (orektiko) will surely impress your guests at your next dinner party!

Our zucchini plants tend to do really well each summer, producing so many  zucchinis that I end up incorporating them into nearly every dinner for the entire summer! Luckily zucchini is very versatile, so we never seem to get tired of it.  Fried zucchini has been my favourite way to eat zucchini since I was […]

These light, crispy and savoury triangles make for a quick and delicious snack or appetizer. They are a great spin off of the traditional feta cheese triangles!  Several years ago, I  discovered them on a breakfast menu in the medieval castle town of Monemvasia, in the Peloponnese. I tried them and fell in love!   […]

If you love shrimp and feta cheese- this dish is for you!  I first ate this as a  ‘meze’ on  the Greek island of Santorini and fell in love! I couldn’t wait to make it at home. It’s very scrumptious and simple to prepare! Often when people  in North America hear saganaki they instantly think […]

Cheese Saganaki is a loved appetizer/meze, that never fails to satisfy the palette! Saganaki is actually the name of the small two handled skillet that several Greek dishes are cooked in,  like shrimp saganaki and mussel saganaki. Cheese Saganaki or “Flaming Cheese” is the most famous of the saganaki dishes in North America, with the […]

Tzatziki Sauce

April 4, 2014 by Zoe Vlachos - in Appetizer

Tzatziki sauce is a delicious, creamy, garlicky accompaniment to grilled meats and even tastes great when spread atop bread! You will love this simple recipe!