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Kourambiedes, (pronounced kour-am-bee-eth-es) are a favourite Greek holiday cookie! Buttery and crunchy- they make the ultimate treat!  Servings: Approx. 50 cookies at 1 tablespoon of batter for each

Melomakarona are quite simply the most delicious Christmas cookie on the planet! They are one of the two most popular traditional Greek cookies enjoyed over the holidays, the other being Kourabiedes. They are typically made in large batches to share with family and friends. The aroma of cinnamon, orange peel and honey along with the […]

This flavourful and very easy to prepare Greek apple cake recipe, makes the perfect coffee cake!

These tasty twists can be found in nearly all Greek homes around Easter time, as they are the traditional Greek Easter cookie. However, many Greeks make them year round for dipping into coffee or tea.¬†My kids love to dunk them into glasses of milk! They are often made in large batches in order to have […]