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Revithosoupa is a hearty soup, bursting with flavours.  If you are looking to increase your legume intake, Chickpeas, (otherwise referred to as Garbanzo beans) are a great, healthful option!   These little beans are a fantastic way to support the digestive system, as they are a great source of  fibre!  They are also a wonderful way to help regulate […]

Feta tastes great with just about everything- from watermelon to pizza! When incorporated into meals, it seems to make everything look and taste gourmet! In this recipe I use feta along with sauteed kale, onion, garlic and red pepper flakes to stuff herbed chicken  breasts. The flavour intensity is off the charts! Kale is a great […]

That’s right! Greeks have been flipping pancakes for over 2500 years! It turns out that pancakes –tiganites (wheat flour pancakes) and staititis (spelt flour pancakes) were a staple in the Ancient Greek diet. The flours were mixed with olive oil and topped with honey, sesame seeds and cheese or curdled milk. The first record of […]

You read correctly- dandelion greens!  The same weeds or “horta” that are a nuisance to landscapers and people everywhere!  Now, what if I told you that studies have shown evidence, that if incorporated into your daily diet, these weeds can:  detoxify your entire system, prevent or lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, improve gastro-intestinal health, prevent or cure liver […]

Eating quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has become the new superfood trend. Although new to most of us, it has actually been eaten for thousands of years!  Ancient Inca warriors would eat quinoa for stamina!   Quinoa is referred to as a grain, but it is actually a vegetable seed from a vegetable related to spinach and […]

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Garlic? Really? An aphrodisiac? YES! It turns out that this aromatic bulb is not just famous for its ability to treat everything from the common cold to cancer. Ancient Greeks ate garlic to stimulate passion and to increase sexual stamina. Modern science confirms this to be true, as garlic […]

The buzz on Greek yogurt has had everyone from nutritionists to business people getting aboard this healthful food. But what is it about Greek yogurt that sets it apart from its regular counterpart?  Well, let me explain. Greek yogurt or “yiaourti” has been made in Greece for thousands of years. Traditionally it is made with […]