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Our zucchini plants tend to do really well each summer, producing so many  zucchinis that I end up incorporating them into nearly every dinner for the entire summer! Luckily zucchini is very versatile, so we never seem to get tired of it.  Fried zucchini has been my favourite way to eat zucchini since I was […]

This is probably one of the most loved, simple and quick Greek dishes!  It is often served as a side to grilled meat, fish, Greek village salad and is also eaten on its own. Mizithra cheese is made from the whey in whole goats milk. It can be found in a fresh, soft and slightly […]

These light, crispy and savoury triangles make for a quick and delicious snack or appetizer. They are a great spin off of the traditional feta cheese triangles!  Several years ago, I  discovered them on a breakfast menu in the medieval castle town of Monemvasia, in the Peloponnese. I tried them and fell in love!   […]

Revithosoupa is a hearty soup, bursting with flavours.  If you are looking to increase your legume intake, Chickpeas, (otherwise referred to as Garbanzo beans) are a great, healthful option!   These little beans are a fantastic way to support the digestive system, as they are a great source of  fibre!  They are also a wonderful way to help regulate […]

Amygdalota (pronounced ahh-meeg-thalota), are tasty gluten free almond macaroon cookies. They make a great treat! I enjoy Amygdalota with Greek coffee, and my kids enjoy dunking them into their glasses of milk. They have a crunchy exterior, chewy centre and wonderful orange essence. Serving: Makes 25 cookies at approx. 1 1/2 tablespoons of dough each […]

This wonderful roasted asparagus with feta dish, makes a great side to just about anything! The asparagus crisps and sweetens when roasted and the feta adds a nice salty contrast.  

If you love shrimp and feta cheese- this dish is for you!  I first ate this as a  ‘meze’ on  the Greek island of Santorini and fell in love! I couldn’t wait to make it at home. It’s very scrumptious and simple to prepare! Often when people  in North America hear saganaki they instantly think […]

Nothing quite beats this soul warming soup, any time of the year! Aside from the incredible flavour, it is chalked full of amino acids and essential minerals and vitamins; making this my go-to soup whenever my family is in need of healing. Homemade chicken broth is famous for helping thin and expel mucous, but it can also […]

This creamy, warming ‘risotto like’ dish,  is bursting with savoury flavours and is very healthy to boot!      

You will love this rustic, fragrant dish of rich succulent red wine braised lamb, with mushrooms. It’s quick and easy to prepare and yet looks very fancy and time consuming; making this dish one of my  favourite dinner party meals!  Mashed or roasted potatoes taste great alongside this great meat dish. Servings: 6